What is a Travel Plan?

A Travel Plan is a package of measures that aim to encourage more sustainable travel choices where and when possible and also monitor the travel habits of residents. This Boyton Place Travel Plan website has been created specifically for residents and hopes to assist in demonstrating the options available to and from your new home at Boyton Place. 

The overall aims of the Boyton Place Travel Plan are;

  • To reduce the number of single-occupancy car journeys to and from the development;
  • To promote more sustainable travel habits, such as; walking, cycling and using public transport;
  • Promote and encourage healthy and active lifestyles with a strong focus on the local community; and
  • Provide advice to all residents on how to improve local travel habits.

Who are Smarter Travel Limited?

Smarter Travel Ltd have been appointed by Persimmon Homes, the developer, as Travel Plan Coordinator for Boyton Place. We provide a free service to all residents and are your first point of call for any travel related queries you may have when it comes to travel in your local area.

Benefits of a Travel Plan to you and your community:

Engaging with the Boyton Place Travel Plan can have plenty of positive benefits, including;

  • Improving health and wellbeing;
  • Reducing travel costs;
  • Improving your accessibility to local services;
  • Increasing local road safety;
  • Reducing travel times;
  • Improving your travel choices and options; and
  • Creating a cleaner, more vibrant local community.

We will be undertaking future survey work throughout the monitoring period with prizes up for grabs!