For information and guidance on sharing car journeys at the moment, please visit the Liftshare website.

It is estimated that there are 38 million empty car seats on the UK’s roads every weekday! So, why not try and reduce the number of vehicles on the road by sharing your journey with other people? By sharing your trip as either a passenger or a driver, you can save on the cost of fuel and parking as well as meet new people and make new friends.

Car sharing can be used for many purposes, perhaps commuting your regular journeys or one-off trips to concerts and events. Suffolk Car Share has been set up to make arranging lift sharing much easier and convenient for you.

  • Sign up, it’s quick, simple and free to join;
  • Search for lifts, either by offering to be the driver or as a passenger;
  • Request and make contact with other people wanting to share the same journey; and
  • Start saving money and cutting pollution and congestion on the roads.
Car Sharing | Boyton Place

Don’t forget to request your free Personal Travel Plan which will highlight any available lift sharing opportunities in the area!

GoCarShare | Boyton Place

A great alternative to Suffolk Car Share is GoCarShare…..