Cycling | Boyton Place

Haverhill and Suffolk are great places to go cycling! There are plenty of off-road cycling routes in the area including an off-road route running the width of Haverhill. Click here to find an up to date cycle route map.


Is your employer part of the Cyclescheme? This allows you to save between 25-39% of the cost of a new bike and accessories whilst spreading the cost! Find out more information on how this works and how to sign up on the Cyclescheme website.

If you would like advice on the best cycling routes to and from your new home, claim your free Personal Travel Plan! 

Cycling | Boyton Place

Claim your vouchers!

As a resident of Boyton Place, you’re entitled to claim a £100 cycle store voucher! Just complete the short travel questionnaire and we will take care of the rest! (If you are unable to use a bicycle please contact us for more information). Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can claim a 4-week bus pass for travel in the area.

Haverhill Cycling Club

Are you a keen cyclist? Why not join the Haverhill Cycling Club? Find out more information on their website…

Useful Apps & Websites

CycleStreets is a UK-wide cycle journey planner system, which lets you plan routes from A to B by bike. It is designed by cyclists, for cyclists, and caters for the needs of both confident and less confident cyclists.

This app records your cycle rides and you can compare your performance over time, as well as sharing with friends and family. Strava can also be used for walking, cycling and other workouts.

The great British weather is always something to consider when cycling! Use the BBC weather app to check the conditions before cycling and make sure you’re prepared for what nature may throw at you!

Visit the Suffolk County Council website for all the information you require on cycling throughout the county. Here you will also find up to date cycle maps.